About Us

Who We Are


We are A&A Express.  Born in the heart of the Midwest, our team is committed to providing excellence and has for over 75 years.


Our company roots can be traced back to 1945 when Vince Anderson started Vince Anderson Trucking as a small family business.  In the late 70's, Vince Anderson Trucking expanded operations to focus on refrigerated loads.  Over the years, A&A Express has grown to be a major operation with hundreds of trucks on the road.  Many Fortune 500 companies rely on A&A Express' fleet to deliver their products and goods safely, and on time.

We also have offices in Omaha, NE and Des Moines, IA.

  • Excellent Safety Record
  • Reduced Loading/Unloading Delays
  • Technology To Monitor Load Temps
  • On Time Safe Delivery


Every year, A&A Express is the proud recipient of several safety awards.  Our drivers also receive very high accolades for their achievements in safety as well as giving back to the community.

We have a very comprehensive safety & recruiting program that trains our drivers in several different areas.  We only hire the best drivers and our technology makes sure they are compliant with even the most stringent safety standards.  We take our company's safety on the road very seriously and our track record proves it!


  • Fast & Safe Delivery

    Just the slightest increase in temperature can affect shelf life. We deliver your load safely and on time. We also minimize load/unload time to ensure the freshest and fastest delivery.

  • Wide Variety Of Products

    Fresh, frozen, deep-frozen or temp-controlled confectionary or baked goods, we can ship them in trucks that are designed to properly cool or refrigerate your shipment to ensure freshness.

  • Safety & Compliance

    We work tirelessly to prevent health and food-safety violations and fines. We can also provide specialized handling when needed. By minimizing economic expenses, that reduces operating expenses.